Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the tasting itineraries and the event work?

Going to the ticket kiosks shown on the map, you can buy your tasting ticket (BLUE – RED itinerary). You will receive a map of the event and your tasting glass with its bag (the glass remains to you as a souvenir). You can start the itinerary from location 1, moving to the 2-3 and then 4 (recommended itinerary), or start it and finish it from the location you prefer, if you find queue at one of the locations. Please give the pertinent coupon (tortellini-wine-dessert) to each location (pastificio – winery – bakery) in order to have your tasting. The ticket is valid only for the specified itinerary.


2. How much does the tasting ticket cost? What does it include?

The ticket costs 24 Euro and it includes 4 tortellini or tortelli tastings, 4 wine tastings, one bottle of water, one dessert of your own choice among Dolce Valeggio, Cake of the Roses, Peaches Cake and Chocolate tortellini. The tasting ticket includes a 3 Euro discount for Parco Sigurtà season 2019.


3. If I need  more  glasses?

You can purchase at the ticket kiosks additional glasses, with their own bags, at the price of 4 Euro each.


4. Is it better to buy tickets in advance?  Is there an online pre-sale?

You can easily purchase ticket at the ticket kiosks. There is not the online pre-sale.


5. How long does the tasting ticket remain valid?

You can use your ticket within the 3 days of the event. For example, you could use 1 tortellini ticket on 1st September, 1 on 2nd September and 1 on 3rd September, the same for the other tickets. You are not obliged to finish the itinerary on the day you purchased the ticket. The ticket will be refunded only if it is delivered, in its integrity, to the ticket kiosk only during the days of the event. Out of these conditions, the ticket can not be used and can not be refunded.


6. Is the ticket personal or can I share it?

You can use the ticket personally or you can share it with other friends.


7. Are there any public toilets located along the event?
There are public toilets at Smeraldo Theatre in St.Rocco Square, signaled by an info totem.


8. Are there any reductions?  Can I buy only one tasting?

The purpose of the event is to be a tasting itinerary which combines tortellini and wine. There are not any reductions for those who do not drink wine or for children; you can not buy only one tasting. You can not replace wine tickets with water. If you would like only one tortellini plate or if you do not drink wine, you can go to the restaurants which will be open along the itineraries.


9. What can I do if I don’t use any wine coupon?

Take the 4 unused wine coupon to the Vine kiosk  and you’ll receive a bottle of wine as a gift (important: the 4 coupon must be integrally untouched at counterfoil).


10. Can I walk through different itineraries?

he ticket is valid only for the indicated itinerary. For example, if there are 2 or 3 people with you, you can buy one ticket for every itinerary and share the tastings, to try all the products.


11. In case of bad weather will the ticket be refunded?

In case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather, the ticket will be refunded, only if it is delivered, in its integrity, to the ticket kiosks, only during the days of the event. Out of these conditions the ticket can not be used and can not be refunded.


12. Can I visit the event without buying the tasting ticket?

Tortellini e Dintorni is an event open and free to the public, through the streets and squares of Valeggio sul Mincio. Anyone can walk along the tasting itineraries, purchase at the Food Market, enjoy the performances of live music and take part to the special events.


This year you can find a special gluten-free ticket (for 14 Euro), which includes: a dish of Tortellini, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, a dessert and a 3 Euro discount to visit Parco Giardino Sigurtà 2019. All participants receive, with the ticket, a glass and a personalized “Tortellini & Dintorni” bag for the glass. Gluten-free ticket can be bought at ticket kiosk.



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