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Wine and Food

Tasting Itinerary

discovering Valeggio and its surroundings

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The territory of Valeggio offers visitors unique landscapes, such as the moraine hills, the valley of the Mincio river, Borghetto and the Visconti bridge

This land, full of charm and history, mixes well with food and wine of excellent quality and a strong philosophy of hospitality, that has made Valeggio renowned across Italy.

In early September, during the three days of "Tortellini & dintorni", you have the chance to get to know and enjoy the most delicious dishes that Valeggio offers to the table: Tortellini of Valeggio with thin pastry, filled with the finest meat. But there is more, other tortelli, filled with seasonal specialties; the Cake of the Roses, the Dolce Valeggio, the chocolate tortellini.

To match these wonderful foods there are the famous local wines, D.O.C. Custoza and Bardolino, that complete this journey into gastronomy.

These three days are made possible due to the active participation of pasta artisans, pastry chefs, wineries and the whole community.

The evenings of "Tortellini & dintorni" are also enriched with many live concerts, along the streets: an event within the event, that transforms the center of the town into a large open-air stage.

Along the stands of the Market of Excellence, you can find many other producers of typical italian specialities and a section dedicated to publishing houses, with an interesting selection of books and magazines about wine and cooking recipes.

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